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  • Australian Cotton Gin Tracks Product to Boost Efficiency

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    Ever since it opened for business three years ago, Australian cotton gin operator Southern Cotton has employed radio frequency identification to track the cotton it receives, stores and processes, and has shared that information with growers to make the ginning process and delivery to customers more efficient and error-free. Southern Cotton is now expanding the solution to enable its employees, as well as growers, to access the collected RFID data via an app on their smartphone…

  • RFID to Bring Literacy to Down Syndrome Children

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    An Ecuadorian researcher and University of Costa Rica Ph.D. candidate named Janio Jadán-Guerrero is developing a radio frequency identification system, known as Kiteracy, which is intended to help children with Down syndrome learn how to read by using radio frequency identification technology. He hopes to provide his system, which he developed while completing his Ph.D. in computer science, to potential customers in kit form next year. The system, which Jadán-Guerrero calls a tangible user interface (TUI), consists of high-frequency (HF) 13.56…

  • Herman Kay Gains Packing Accuracy Via RFID

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    Global coat and outerwear manufacturer Herman Kay Co. is carrying out a five-phase RFID deployment to track the garments that it produces and ships to customers. At the company’s distribution center in Douglas, Ga., workers are already using handheldRFID readers to identify which items have been picked, compare the collected garments with the quantities on a pick ticket, and catch any errors during the picking process, before products are packed into cartons. Herman…

  • View Technologies Launches Long-Range RTLS for Passive UHF Tags

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    View Technologies has commercially released a passive ultrahigh-frequency (UHF) RFID solution designed to make it possible for companies to track the locations of UHF tags up to 150 feet away, with location granularity of less than 1 foot to 3 feet. The real-time location system (RTLS), known as inView, consists of Echo smartantenna technology designed by St. Louis technology company RF Controls and manufactured by tools and hardware firm Stanley Black and Decker, as well as RF Controls’ RFC-6100XR RFID reader and View Technologies’ inView…

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