Tiny UHF anti-metal tag for medical application

Tiny UHF anti-metal tag for medical application


RFID has entered into medical nowadays. Surgical instrument management can be seen easily in hospital. As this requires harsh condition for the tag, material of this tag is unique. It can be not only suitable for high temperature sterilization, but also for biocompatibility. Here comes UHF anti-metal tag.

With this condition, ANG Tech produce a type of RFID tag which fits medical working environment. This tag is usually used in surgical instrument tracking, therefore, the tag is with UHF chip and the material is anti-metal. As it needs to be high temperature resistant, it is also made of ceramic. Obviously, the UHF chip is encapsulated in ceramic and anti-metal material. It is attached to surgical instrument when using.

ceramic UHF tag

In hospital, surgical instrument such as scalpels would be disinfected after surgery. This UHF ceramic anti-metal tag attached onto scalpels will also be disinfected during this period(working temperature of this tag is up to 150 degree).After it is finished, scalpels will be arranged with RFID technology. When scalpels go through RIFD reader, datas inside UHF chip of this tag would be read and it realizes quantities management. The tag is tiny and easy to use, it brings much convenience for this medical application.

This tag is not only used for surgical instrument, but also for bearing tracking, auto spare parts, etc. For details, please welcome to visit our website at: 


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