This cat’s dinner hinges on its skill in hunting RFID-tagged toys

Monkey the cat doesn’t get any free rides from his person, Ben Millam. Millam is a self-described “cat geek” and Monkey is the willing tester for his creations. The human in the house decided he wanted to give his cat “a more fulfilled and self-actualized indoor kitty existence,” so he created a feeding system that requires Monkey to hunt down RFID-tagged “prey” to get his kibble.

Monkey is tasked with searching for small Wiffle-ball like balls that are equipped with RFID tags and hidden around the house. Monkey picks up a ball and drops it into an Arduino-powered ball receptacle. An RFID reader in the receptacle notes the arrival of the ball and triggers aSuper Feed feeder to dispense food.

Monkey’s meal routine now involves a game of hide-and-seek that challenges his tracking skills. The feeder controller can also triggered by a keyfob remote for “days when Dad is too busy to go around hiding balls,”

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