RFID Promixity key fob for access control

RFID Promixity key fob for access control


For access control or door identification, RFID promixity key fob is necessary. When you enter a residential area or office building, a product which can proves your identification needs to be used with reader to enter through a door. Thus, RFID promixity key fob is come out to be used in the market.


RFID promixity key fob is made of ABS material. As ABS is firm, it is waterproof and anti-drop. An RFID chip is encapsulated inside ABS. Usually, 125Khz or 13.56Mhz chip is made inside the key  fob. On surface of the key fob, some craftworks can be added as well. For instance, Laser Engraved Number, Logo Printing, etc.

RFID key fob

Before key fob is used in front of door, data is often encoded into chips. When key fob is put close to reader of the door, data is read by reader and then identified, door opens after that. Reading distance between reader and key fob can reach up to 5cm. As data inside the key fob has to be encrypted, it increases security of data protection in this case. This helps residential area or office building realize access control management.


ANG Tech provides different shapes of key fob. For example, normal shapes, cute shapes or other popular shapes. Appearance of the key fob can be made according to clients’ requirement.


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