Permanent electronic baggage tag

Permanent electronic baggage tag


Since Australian Airways launched Q logo which supports RFID technology in 2011, the permanent baggage tag seems to have become the industry’s “next big event”. With the appearance of smart electronic baggage tags which can be updated via mobile APP, the permanent electronic baggage tag is becoming a new “big event”.


Some airlines are developing permanent electronic baggage tags, and the number of suppliers in this area is also increasing. Other airlines find their more suitable way in simplified travel procedures, for instance, passengers has got the boarding pass and their luggage has also been posted label when they arrived at the airport.


Some airlines have begun to use electronic baggage tags, such as BAGTAG and Vanguard brand products. At the same time, Lufthansa and Evergreen have introduced a more high-end RIMOWA electronic tag, which is a traceable embedded electronic baggage tag.


The appearance of electronic baggage tag simplify baggage progress, it greatly improves the efficiency of baggage management. 

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