New type Silicone Spring Laundry UHF Tag

New type Silicone Spring Laundry UHF Tag


In order to improve clothing tracking and personal garment identification, ANG Tech develops a soft shape, flexible and slim UHF laundry tag.


This tag is designed based on spring and silicone base material, small size, great reading rate and perfect reading distance reaching 6 meters. Also it is with water-proof, flexible and high washing cycle ability. Up to 225 wash or dry cleaning cycles for use in any RFID hotel, spa, retirement home, sports club laundry and linen management application.

Details of the Silicone Spring Laundry UHF Tag is as below:

Model ANG-LT002 Silicone Spring Laundry UHF Tag
RFID Standard ISO/IEC 18000-6 TypeC (EPC Gen2)
Size & Weight 88(W)x4.0(D)x4.0(H)mm, 1.85 g
Chip Type Alien Higgs-3
EPC Memory 96 bits to 480 bits
User Memory 512 bits
Reading Range 902-928 MHz 3.0-6.0m
865-868 MHz 3.0-6.0m
Tagging Sewing, Insert.
Estimated Lifetime 225 washing cycles or 3 years, whichever comes first
Environmental Resistance Washing Method Laundry, Dry cleaning
Water Extraction pressure 60 bar
Water Resistance Water resistant
Chemical Resistance Detergent, Softener, Bleach (Oxygen/ Chlorine), Alkali
Heat Sterilization 125 ºC for 15-20 minutes – 150 cycles
Heat Resistance Drying 85°C  (Up to 60min.)
120°C (Up to 30 min.)
Ironing 230°C (Up to 60 sec. with press cloth)
Humidity/ Temperature Operating -20 to 50°C, 10 to 95%RH
Storage -40 to 55°C, 8 to 95%RH

Spring Laundry UHF Tag


   Silicone Spring Laundry UHF Tag is sewn inside crimping of clothing. It can be read by RFID reader when clothing is close to the reader in order to trace and recognize clothing. This can improve clothing arrangement in Industrial laundromat, chain hotel, etc.

Typical Case:


Datamars successfully use Silicone Spring Laundry UHF Tag in Industrial laundry area to endure a harsh laundry environment.

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