DS1990A-F5 ibutton/ibutton card for Car Identification

DS1990A-F5 ibutton/ibutton card for Car Identification

Ibutton card is using one-wire protocol communication, to complete the data read and write through the instant touch. It is not only the ease of handling of the non-contact IC card but also the inexpensive contact IC card. Ibutton card is currently one of the best cost-effective IC card.

ANG Tech has sold various types of ibutton card to our clients mostly located in Middle-East and American countries. They usually use the cards in cars for identification.


Detailed parameters are as follows:


SpecificationIbutton card integrated circuit chip sealed in stainless steel shell, it is waterproof, shockproof, corrosion, durable and no wiring; Ibutton card is a passive device, relies on reading and writing equipment to read information; Ibutton card chip cannot be copied as it is with static protection and uniqueness.
Technical specificationsDALLASencryption card
Average failureNormal use 1 / 100,000 times
Vendor serial numberThe world's only 64-digit number
System logic64-bit password protection
Storage8Kbits RAM
Card readerTouch type
Read and write timesMore than 1.5 billion times
Operating temperature-40 ℃~+85 ℃
Number of readings> 35 million times
Service life> 20 years

ibutton card



Ibutton card is applicated with Ibutton card probe. Usually, Ibutton card probe is an accessory to be embedded inside for example, car controller, then, the Ibutton card probe can be connected to car system. When the ibutton card is put close to contact the probe, the information is shown in the screen of car for identification.


Typical case:


IBM has developed low-cost, innovative, and reliable sensing solutions with ibutton card since 2008.  This resulted in the development of three new technologies that enabled the deployment of IBM Measurement and Management Technologies (MMT) software through IBM data centers and the reduction of energy use by 53,400 MWh in 2013 alone.


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