Alien Higgs3 FR4 Material Metal Tag

Alien Higgs3 FR4 Material Metal Tag

 If there are lots of metal products or metal shelves for you to count or manage, do you think that it will be difficult to calculate or reduce efficiency? Especially in waste factory, this is a big project. Then how to solve this problem? RFID technology is introduced to solve this issue and metal tag is a useful product.


  UHF FR4 metal tag is suitable to be used in metal products. As there is a special metal coating inside the tag, the tag can be worked even if it is stuck on metal products. Since metal products or metal shelves need to be managed on long distance, UHF chip tag is needed in this case. Due to harsh environment, FR4 material is chosen to encapsulate UHF chip to be waterproof, strong acid and strong base.

How to use the tag on metal products? Usually, there will be 3M glue on one side of the tag. The side of 3M glue can be ripped off to stick on metal products. When metal products with the metal tag pass by UHF reader, the tag can be read by reader and data inside the chip will be displayed to show quantities of the metal products. This help increase efficiency of the products tracking, counting and managing.


 ANG Tech. provides the metal tag of UHF chips. We will produce this tag according to the client’s requirement. For instance, we may write customized data, encapsulate customized UHF chip, etc. If you are interested in this metal tag, please welcome to visit our website at:

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