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  • Party Wristbands

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    Wristbands are useful at times of parties as identification tags for admission, security check, crowd control, and bar coded tags may be used for age verification in bars. Wristbands are designed cleverly so that they can serve specific needs of a party. Party wristbands are mainly available in Tyvek paper and plastic. Tyvek paper wristbands are meant for single use and are nontransferable and could be used as gate passes….

  • RFID ear tags for animal management

    Post Time: 12-21-15; By: For animal management , can use UHF fixed reader connect with antenna to detect the ear tags …

  • What Can You Do If Someone Steals The Keyless Remote To Your Car?

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    In the 1980s, American car companies began offering remote keyless entry as an option on many of its new vehicles. As with all new technology, the first versions of the remote were rudimentary and pricey and only available with certain vehicles. But as the science got better and demand rose, keyless entry systems became common place. And who hasn’t looked to the sky and given thanks for these magical buttons…

  • How to be an Active Reader

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    What does it mean to be an active reader? How do we engage with the text? This video explains the difference between active and passive readership, with …

  • Homeland Security’s RFID Tags Can Be Used to Track Users

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    U.S. residents living in a state bordering Canada or Mexico may reportedly be given a remotely readable driver’s license designed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to identify U.S. citizens as they approach the nation’s borders as a way to save time and simplify border crossings. The DHS was created after the attacks of 9/11/01. Residents may want to think twice before signing up for the department’s new program….

  • how to register activate and use sbi mobile banking freedom software

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    Learn step by step procedure how to register activate and use state bank mobile banking freedom software application . learn process to synchronize the app …

  • RFID Technology

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    RFID technology is fast becoming a reality, not only for products in stores, but for tracking human beings. RFID means radio frequency identification. RFID technology uses transponders to store and remotely retrieve stored data. These transponders are also known as RFID tags. Generally, the RFID system has tags, tag readers, servers and application software. The tags are mobile devices with a digital memory chip and unique identification code that transmits…

  • How To Unlock Samsung Galaxy S6 Active (Any Carrier or Country)

    Post Time: 12-21-15; By: This Video will show you the process of Carrier unlocking your Samsung Galaxy S6 Active smartphone so you can use it …

  • Uncovering GPS Tracking Devices: What Is An SOS Button?

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    GPS tracking devices are this century’s way of finding out where someone or something is. Rather than checking an old map or A-to-Z, these fascinating little devices can offer you detailed coordinates regardless of where they are thanks to the signals that they pick up from the enormous network of GPS satellites surrounding the Earth. GPS tracking devices are well-liked by folks, adult kids and carers around the planet as…

  • Active RFID Vs Passive RFID

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    This video compares the difference between active and passive RFID. Watch this video to learn more and get ideas on choosing active or passive RFID …

  • How To Make Facebook Friendly Business Cards

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    A lot of people think that business cards are no longer important in this age where everybody is on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But as a business and more importantly as a businessman would it be enough just to give your social network credentials when you meet a prospective client? What you should do is embrace the new trend and create social network friendly business cards. Here are some tips…

  • Budget HAM Radio | Baofeng BF-F8HP Dual Band UHF/VHF Handheld Radio

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    Perfect for preppers and amateur HAM radio operators, check out my overview of the Baofeng BF-F8HP! • The Highest Powered BaoFeng (with 8 Watt output) …

  • Find Out How Scratch Off Tickets Are Seen Through

    Post Time: 12-20-15; By:

    Scratchers is a form of gambling game wherein the individual who bought the card (with a price range of $1 to $10) is expected to scratch off a silver covering by using a coin or any item that may scratch off the material. This conceals the information that concludes whether they have a winning ticket or the same losing ticket. The government is supposedly raking in money from this particular…

  • ACR122U NFC Contactless Smart Card Reader – URL Access

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    ACR122U is the world’s first CCID-compliant NFC Reader. A plug-and-play device that is compatible with various devices and applications, ACR122U was …

  • Business Cards: How Thick Is Too Thick?

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    In today’s vast marketplace, choosing a suitable business card for your company may seem like a daunting task. There are many color options, gloss options and card thicknesses available. So how thick should your business cards be? The most common card stocks available are 100lb cover, 10pt, 12pt, 14pt and 16pt. 100lb cover is the equivalent of an 11pt card stock. There are even heavier printed stocks available, such as…

  • Clear Card with Die Cuts – Birthday Card

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    Clear birthday card with floating die cuts. ***SUPPLIES ARE LISTED BELOW.*** For more info: ****SUPPLIES**** …

  • Marketing Your Photography Business with Postcards

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    Using postcards for getting new prospects for your photography business can be very effective. They are easy to design, relatively low-cost, and make a big impact when designed correctly. Following are some tips for creating your own postcards that get results: 1. Use lots of text: Contrary to what you might be thinking, you don’t necessarily need lots of pictures on your postcard. What you do need is words that…

  • Making a Transparent Card

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    Quick and easy card to make, using transparency film, pigment inks, and diecut shapes!

  • Understanding the A4 Card

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    Paper and paper products come in different sizes especially when it comes to crafts and card making. The different sizes and weights of envelopes, boards, card blanks and papers often create confusion especially for those who are new to the craft. The letter “A” preceded by a number is usually used to indicate paper sizes. Most widely used sizes are A1, A2, A3, A4, A5 and A6. The A4 card…

  • This is an update to my other RFID video, I still havn’t finished the project as I’ve been busy with other things! The VB software has 2 modes, Detect and Program …

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